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EstateMate Property Management App
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EstateMate makes community living simpler and more efficient. Our affordable property management app is feature packed, offering the users a ecosystem of functionality to conveniently deal with all things related to their home. Your time is precious, and therefore we offer simplicity and convenience.

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Billed Monthly / Property
R 10
This plan will get you all our features, and community up and running very quickly.
  • All Standard Features Below
  • Personal Onboarding & Enrollment
  • Closed Secure Environment
  • No pop-up ads
  • Upgrades and App Maintenance
  • Priority Support
  • Multiple User Per Property
* The minimum monthly charge is R599 for communities with 59 units or less.

White Label & Custom Integrations

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If you want your own app in the store then this is the plan for you. Are your community requirements unique? Then let's build something that meets your needs.

    The following property management app features are standard in all packages for residents:

    • General Estate Information
    • Additional Contacts
    • Contracted Service Providers
    • Service Provider Conceirge
    • Report An Issue with Geolocation
    • Request Approval and Status Monitoring
    • Submit Insurance Claims
    • Request a Property Valuation
    • Vehicle Licence Renewal Service
    • Security Panic Button with Geolocation
    • Anonymous Tip-Off Submissions
    • Create a Community Alert for All
    • Community Pulse with community related news and tips
    • Controlled LIVE chat environment
    • Receive your Bills
    • News, Voting Items and Discussion Forums
    • Maps Directory of Nearby Facilities and Places

    The following property management app features are standard in all packages for management:

    • Create Notifications, Voting Items and Discussion Forums
    • Comment on Ticket Items (Approvals, Issue Reports)
    • Control and Action Ticket Items
    • Forward Ticket Items to outside Contacts
    • Manage Tasks and To Do Lists within the App
    • Search the Database of Users in the Community

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