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Welcome to the future of community management.

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Simplify the management duties and improve communication within your community by using our mobile solution. Make your life easier with EstateMate.  Our focus is on creating a one-stop ecosystem for residential and commercial communities.

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EstateMate is the modern paperless solution to connect your community. This unique mobile community app and central management system provides the all-in-one platform, enabling management companies and body corporates to communicate with their residents, AND for residents to communicate with community management.



We can have your EstateMate application up and running within a matter of hours, and we are entirely confident that our app will change your life and the way your estate connects residents and management.



Our app is completely customisable and we can package the app to suit the needs of management, residents, service providers and everyone else involved.


A Connected Community

Eliminate disconnection and miscommunication between management and residents. Communicate through the mobile app and provide a bigger and better service than ever before.


Two Way System

Management can communicate with residents, and they can communicate back. This two-way communication on this mobile app removes the need for phone numbers, email addresses and conversation tracking.


mobile app

The Community App For Residents and Managers Alike

Simplicity and Convenience in Property Management

We understand more than anyone how difficult it can be for communities to maintain a high level of communication between residents and the management,with this community app the daily frustrations and delayed responses will be a thing of the past.Improve the reputation of your community and its management by using this app. Managing your community has never been this simple and convenient.

Packed with amazing features


Stay Up To Date with News, Notifications and Alerts


Request approvals straight on the app


Do you have an issue? Report it on the App!


Use the panic button to silently alert security

Live Chat for Faster and Clearer Communication

Tired of Whatsapp Groups? And Susan's emojis...

Our live chat function allows you to contact management as a resident, as well as allowing the management to immediately respond on the subject matter. This can all be done as soon as the community app is opened, with no waiting times, on-hold phone calls or delayed emails. As management you can even forward your messages to the management app group if the issue is to be discussed, so everyone can have their say.

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Simplified Reporting Capabilities

Reporting an Issue? Attach a Geolocation using the Community app.

There are so many things that this community app can do. As a resident, you can report anything you need, whether it is a security issue, maintenance concern or even a complaint. When this has been done, the management team is then immediately notified and this allows the issue to be dealt with accordingly, then and there. This community app removes constant miscommunications and it allows property owners and tenants to address property issues efficiently and with ease resulting in a better managed estate. It really is that simple and convenient, and our team will gladly show you how it all works.

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Security Features You Need

Silent Geolocated Alert, Anonymous Tip-offs

You never know when you may need to contact security or management in the case of an emergency. With the communtiy app you can press the silent alert button with will send a alert with geolocation to all management and/or security personnel who can then respond to the matter. The anonymous tip-off feature is also a great feature to allow users to report anonymously to management.


Are you ready to hear how little this community app costs?

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Request Approval Using The App

Furry family members? Party? Renovations?

In the digital age, why do we still have paper forms to request approvals? The app allows its users to submit their requests for approval in the palm of their hands. Management will receive your digital application and using the community app, web app or email  they can approve, reject or discuss your application. It really is that simple