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Estate Management Software Features & Benefits | EstateMate

South Africa's Fastest Growing Property Management App

EstateMate is the premier Estate Management Software (EMS) application to connect communities with unprecedented ease!

Our feature-rich mobile app enhances communication between residents and property managers, commercial tenants and facility managers. 

EstateMate provides a host of customisable features that simplify communication, no matter the size of your lifestyle estate, gated community, residential complex, corporate complex or office park

The features in our community app

visitor management and access control

Push Notifications:Updates Delivered in Real-Time

Push Notifications enable management to send notifications, news and feedback to all or selected app users in real-time.

community information

Centralised Community Information

All the information you need to connect your community (such as rules and regulations, management details, and contracted service providers) are readily available at the touch of a button.

chat and instant feedback

Controlled Live Chat: Fast, Transparent Communication

A LIVE chat function lets residents contact management and the body corporate immediately via the app. Management can respond directly or discuss further in a group chat.

request and approvals

Streamlined Requests and Approvals

Want a new pet or to enclose your patio? Use the app to request approvals. Management can approve or reject the requests with ease, notifying you of the decision in no time.

report and feedback

Geotagged Reporting: Swift Issue Resolution

Residents can report faults or queries regarding general maintenance, security, disturbances (or anything specified) with a geolocation tag to management, enabling quick and efficient resolution.

security and emergency

24/7 Accessible, Rapid-Response Security

Send an instant silent alert with your location to security for rapid response. Other security features include broadcast community alerts and anonymous tip-offs.

discussion forum

Discussion Forum: Community Co-operation

With the forum, you can create designated chats for topics of discussion. Get feedback, opinions or input from the community on current projects and related estate matters.

votes and surveys

Voting and Surveys: Community Engagement

Use this app feature to create polls for fast and easy decision-making. You can select all or target specific users to respond—perfect for voting on matters raised in an AGM.

mail and billing

Digitalised Billing: Hassle-Free Accounting

Receive and view your levy bills on the app, and get notified when new ones arrive. Management can connect your accounts and statements to your app profile.

visitor management and access control

Integrated, Touchless Access Control and Visitor Management

EstateMate offers sophisticated access control and visitor management that lets you digitise visitor registration (POPIA compliant), grant access via the app, and much more.

get help and services

Service Provider Directory: Preferred Suppliers on Call

Quick and convenient connection with vetted plumbers, painters, domestic cleaners, refuge removers and more. Browse profiles, request a quote or contact them directly from the app.

to do list

Task Manager: Organised Operations

Successful property management involves careful coordination of tasks and responsibilities. Task manager lets you assign individual tasks, track and discuss progress on completion.

book on the calendar

Booking Facilities: Digital Facility Management

Residents can find out about on-premises facilities such as the clubhouse, tennis or squash courts, and request bookings directly from the app.

neighborhood things to do

Nearby Places: Know Your Neighbourhood

There is no need to leave the app to find nearby amenities such as ATMs, pharmacies, shops, restaurants. Everything is listed in the app with reviews and recommendations.

To find out more about the features we have on our roadmap, please contact us!

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What is EstateMate?

EstateMate is a powerful community management system in a convenient mobile app. We developed EstateMate to simplify communication between stakeholders within the community ecosystem, namely homeowners, tenants, trustees, body corporates, or managing agents. Find out more about us

Who Should Use EstateMate?

Our resident mobile app is scalable and completely customisable, making property management a dream. Any residential or commercial community environment stands to benefit from the awesome features of EstateMate:

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