Unpacking community rules with ARC and Estate Living


An important topic during these times is discussed on this weeks #BestOfCommunity series. It is very informative and valuable. Jeff Gilmour of ARC and Louise Martin of Estate Living look into community living spaces in South Africa and they discuss the importance of rules.

As Jeff mentioned rules and regulations are everywhere we go. Make sure you are aware of and can accept the rules in your community before you buy or rent.

At EstateMate we try to ensure all community members are aware of and are able to view all necessary documentation.

Residents need to accept the rules of their community in order to be registered with EstateMate and all rules, regulations and guidelines can be found on the EstateMate app.


This article was written by the EstateMate in house media team. We are a tech passionate group of people driven by our love to revolutionize the Property Tech space.