What is a real risk assessment, and why are these assessments critical in the drive to have an effective, efficient and optimal security operation in estates?  Andy Lawler, MD of Sentinel Risk Management, explained the answer at the recent Residential Estate Security Conference.

Hosted by Hi-Tech Security Solutions, the conference focused on the people, technology and processes involved in an effective security solution for estates.

Lawler began with highlighting some of the problems he has experienced at estates where either corners were cut and glaring weaknesses left in the estate’s security, or where the consultant or integrator has sold the estate far more security than they require. Getting the right solution starts with an assessment, which he called a security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA).

To stress the need for an effective TRVA, Lawler briefly looked at some of the official crime statistics in South Africa, and as shocking as those are, he noted that not all crimes are reported. The consensus from seeing those horrific figures is that an effective security solution is not optional in estates, not matter how large or small.

Identifying a threat includes looking external to the estate as well as internally. It also requires some historical information on what crimes have occurred at the estate and in the immediate surroundings. Areas in which risks are often discovered include the perimeter where it’s generally easy to hide poor workmanship or corner cutting, as well as in access and egress processes which often rely on human resources as well as technology – which need to function in tandem to ensure security is maintained.

The installation and maintenance of equipment is also assessed in a TRVA since poor maintenance can hamper security, while poor installation does the same – or can result in the guard unplugging the NVR in order to plug the kettle in. Of critical importance are electrical installations, which can not only impact security, but also pose a threat to lives when live wires are left exposed by poor workmanship.

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