Renovation mistakes you can't afford to make


Renovating your home can be pricey. Our top renovation pros have got some advice to help you keep your renovation costs as low as possible.


1️. Starting renovations too soon

So, you’ve decided to renovate your home and you’re excited to start. Don’t rush. This is how mistakes happen. Take the time to think about what you want and have a clear picture in your mind.


2️. Making too many changes

Step away from Pinterest. Getting some inspiration from the internet is a great idea, but remember, the more times you change your mind,the more expensive your renovations become.


3️. Not hiring a pro from the start

There’s a reason they’re called professionals. Pros have years of knowledge and experience that could save you thousands. Hiring a person just because they’re cheap is the quickest way to increase costs.


4️. Not setting up a timeline

Consult with your pro before you start and set up a realistic timeline for your renovations. Without one, the job is almost guaranteed to take longer which will cost you more money.


5️. Skimping on quality

Cutting corners on materials will cost you later. Subpar materials could result in early wear and tear and you having to replace them much sooner than if you had spent a bit more for better quality.


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