Need A Plumber?


There are lots of situations you may be able to handle yourself, but most plumbing problems are best left to the pros. Do not try to fix these 6 problems on your own. 

Your Geyser Is Leaking 

If your geyser is weeping, or sweating there’s a good chance it has a small leak. This is generally a sign of worse things to come. If you spot a leak or crack, call a pro immediately. It will save you thousands in the long run. 


There’s No Hot Water ️

This could be a result of many things, a broken element,power outages, your geyser might not be big enough or the thermostat could be faulty. It’s safer to call a plumber to find the problem rather than poking around yourself.


Water Pressure Issues 

If you’ve turned the taps on full blast and you still have low water pressure, there's probably a blockage in the interior plumbing. Unblocking this yourself could damage the faucet causing severe leaks. Save yourself the hassle and call a plumber to fix it.


Bad Smells 

If you start to smell sewerage or rotten eggs call a plumber. It could just be a blockage or something more serious like a broken valve or an issue with the drainage. Let a plumber have a look asap and fix it sooner rather than later. 


Overflowing Toilets 

If your toilet keeps overflowing, there’s a problem that only a plumber can fix. It’s most likely a backup in the drainpipe itself. Over plunging can actually do damage to your toilet and your pipes. A pro can sort it out in no time. 


Slow Drainage 

The easiest way to tell if you need a plumber is delayed drainage on your sink or bathroom. Slow draining is a sign of a severe blockage somewhere. These situations can be a bit tricky to handle so leave it to a plumber.

Hire a reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy plumber to solve your issue.The plumbers listed on have been background checked and have excellent online reviews that you can read before you hire a plumber. 


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