Do You Want Big Rewards?


We're sure you've got bigger things to worry about than fixing up things around the house. Here are a few small renovations that will yield big rewards in the long run.

Ditch The Dingy Walls

Liven up your home by sprucing up the colours on your walls. The added bonus, of course, is a fresh coat of paint will also increase your resale value. It’s a win-win situation.

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Storage is King!

Everyone needs a little extra storage space. A Kandua pro can build custom shelves for extra space in the kid’s rooms or to display those beautiful ornaments in your living room.

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Keep Warm (or Cool)
In this cold, your aircon is definitely in overdrive. Get a Kandua aircon specialist to come to your home or office to service your units so they run efficiently and use less electricity.

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Fix Those Leaks
If your shower, taps or any other water fixture is leaking get it fixed immediately. The money you’ll save on your water bill as well as avoiding any major water damage will be worth it.

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For all your home needs, Kandua has you covered.
Any job. Any size. Done.

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