Community Communication


EstateMate is very excited to announce our new Head of Sales, Sharon Thebe!

Sharon has been a valued member of the team for some time now and we are so excited for her to take this next step with us.

When talking about communities and how EstateMate assists them, Sharon says “ I have recently been engaging with estate managers, property managers and trustees about our solution and how a mobile communication app creates structured communication between managers and residents. What I have learnt and taken note of most recently is that most communities show some or all of the following warning signs that communication is an issue:

  • A pattern of complaints that residents feel are not being addressed;
  • Frustration by residents and management alike;
  • Escalating lawsuits or arbitration; and 
  • Trustees/Directors rotating on a regular basis

The above mentioned signs have a huge impact on the daily running of the community and once addressed, improve the residents' experience. This in turn will assist management with the running of the community as complaints will decrease and residents will begin to support their management once they feel heard and understood. 

Management needs to view residents' support as an essential factor of their ongoing operations, ensuring that everyone in their community receives up-to-date, reliable, and easily accessible communication.

Management requires solutions, like a mobile communication platform to be in place to do just that!”

EstateMate is eager for you to learn more about what Sharon mentioned above and how a communication platform that provides structured and easy to use communication avenues, can assist communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the communication solutions, please see the link below where you can set some time with Sharon to chat further. 



This article was written by the EstateMate in house media team. We are a tech passionate group of people driven by our love to revolutionize the Property Tech space.