4 Popular Home Renovations


Ever wondered what the most popular home renovation jobs in South Africa are? We've got the answer. Here are the most common renovation jobs that homeowners like yourself hire Kandua pros to do.  


#4 Build A Deck


Building a deck allows you to increase your living space without having to add a whole new room to your property. This will increase the value of your home should you want to sell and creates a great outdoor atmosphere to enjoy get-together with friends and family.


#3 Reface Cabinets


Instead of installing brand new cupboards, homeowners are choosing to reface existing cupboards to give them a fresh look. This can save you thousands, plus you get to retain your existing layout. An added bonus is that it’s also better for the environment.


#2 Bathroom Remodels


With so many ways to improve and add more value, bathroom renovations are the second most popular home renovation. If done smartly, you can recover 65% - 75% of your remodeling costs back when it’s time to sell.


#1 Kitchen Renovations


People tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen which is why kitchen renovations are the most popular renovation job. Even basic improvements can really pay off. A well-renovated kitchen can recoup between 70% and 80% of your remodeling cost.


As a rule, home improvements that increase the functional space of your home will add more value than the more aesthetically pleasing renovations. A kandua.com pro is ready to help you with your next home renovation.


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