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The features in our community app

Push Notifications

Management can push notifications, news and feedback to either all app users or selected users. It is simple to communicate with residents.

Community Information

All the information you need to connect your community; from rules & regulations, to management details, to contracted service providers.

Controlled Live Chat

Using the LIVE chat function enables the residents to contact management and the body corporate immediately through the app. Management has the ability to respond with a message or communicate and discuss further in a group chat.

Request Approvals

Would you like approval for your cute pet? or are you wanting to enclose your patio? Use the app to request approvals. Management can approve or reject the requests with ease, notifying you of the decision in no time.

Report an Issue

Residents can report anything from general maintenance, to security concerns, to general complaints, all with a geolocation. Management is immediately notified through the app and can therefore address issues quickly and efficiently.

Contact Security

Use the security panic button to request immediate geolocated security response, or send a community alert, or an anonymous tip-off. Connect to security immediately.

Discussion Forum

Do you need to get feedback, opinions or input for a decision or subject taking place in your community? Then create a topic in the forum and open it for discussion.

Voting & Surveys

Use this app feature to create a poll for your users, either for all to vote, or target a user type to vote. Awesome for decision making!

Receive Your Bills

Receive  and view your levy bills on the app and get notified when new ones arrive. Management can connect your bills to your app profile.

Access Control

Do you have access control in your community? Let EstateMate connect with them and provide a mobile solution to requesting access.

Service Providers

Use the  app to quickly and conveniently get quotes or conveniently connect to a service provider: From plumbers to painters, from refuse removal to domestic cleaners.

Task Manager

Do you need to keep track of what management needs to do? Or need to assign one of managers a task. Communicate it using this feature in the app.

Booking facilities

Want to use your communities facilities like the tennis court or the club house? You can view info about the facility and request a booking directly from the App.

Nearby Places

Connect to all the nearby places (atms, pharmacies, shops and many more...) located in the vicinity of your community.

To find out more about the features we have on our roadmap, please contact us!